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EBO SE Smart Home Moving Robot

EBO SE Smart Home Moving Robot

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SE Features:

  1. SE supports multi-user use,up to 6 people can be invited to use;
  2. HD Night Vision;
  3. 2 Way Audio & 1 Way Video;
  4. Take photo, record video, edit video function.
  5. Motion Detection;
  6. Auto-Cruise;
  7. Fixed-Point video recording;
  8. The emoji light will change color with the operation, and make a cute voice like a cartoon character.
  9. Windows and MAC systems are not supported at present;
  10. Tumbler Design & Automatic Obstacle Avoidance;
  11. Privacy Policy: EBO APP DO NOT have any access to reach user's information and all the data will be stored on extensible SD card on the camera. We deeply value user's safety and privacy.

For data transmission, information is transmitted with multiple-level encrypted private protocols.

For data storage, the image/video data will be stored on local SD card inside Enabot camera and your smartphone if you record it.

For user authentification, there will be one administrator. The administrator will be notified every time when camera is being accessed by anyone else.

  1. Moving Security Pet wifi Camera, wireless, 1080P HD;


























The following SE listing content is for reference only:


  • Your Moving Home IP Camera: Auto-cruise & Motion Detection. Ebo SE is the best choice for scheduling routine home patrols or livestream surveillance for your family. The Ebo system will automatically detect suspicious activities in Ebo's field of vision and notify you through Ebo APP.
  • Night Vision & 1080p HD camera with 2 Way Audio: Ebo SE provides bright images even during the darkest night. Full 1080p HD camera with powerful speakers and microphone, allows you to have real-time interaction with your family.
  • Smart Companion Robot for Your Little Ones: Ebo SE support Multi-users, through the Ebo SE Pet Camera, your family members will be able to play with your kids & pets, long-distance & uninterrupted interaction is now possible. Bionic Interaction: Ebo's eyes, movements, and sounds mimic real-life play, constantly keeping your kids & pets engaged. Ebo SE is able to adapt and change its voice and behavior according to its environment.
  • Self-Return to Charging Dock & Collision Sensors & 24hrs video recording: Ebo automatically returns to its dock when it needs to be charged. Using advanced ToF technology, Ebo can detect all sorts of obstacles ahead & it comes to a full stop, avoiding accidents. Ebo SE support Auto-Cruise & Fixed-Point video recording. Patrolling through the house anytime, anywhere.  
  • Data Security & Social Sharing: Ebo has no cloud storage. All data is local on your Ebo (expandable SD card). All camera visuals are only livestreamed and the data is only stored when users choose. User friendly App support iPhone and Android devices. One-click video recording via APP, share freely. The Ebo app comes with tons of editing and social features to help you share your moments with the world.
  • Auto Cruise & Self-Charging: Support auto-cruise or fixed-point 24h video recording, also can be controlled remotely by your phone app(Android&IOS), the wireless camera robotic will automatically returns to its dock when it needs to be charged
  • Movable Pet Camera Robot: Now you are able to interact and play with your pets and children remotely no matter where you are, powerful speaker & micronphone provides clearly 2-way audio between you & your family, the smart Ebo camera robotic on wheels ensure smooth ride on floor, watching and searching your pets if they are under the bed or hidden nooks.
  • Full HD 1080P with Night Vision & Motion Detection: Provides bright images even during the darkest night, the best choice for scheduling routine home patrols or live stream surveillance for your home, Ebo will automaically detect suspicious activities in Ebo's field of vision and notify you through the APP quickly
  • Premium Features: Multi-user control, ToF techonology for avoiding obstacles, anti-collision sensor, adjustable moving speed, esay set up to use, security local data storage supports expand up to 256G sd card, 2.4Ghz/5Ghz wifi connection
  • Package Included: 1x Ebo Se Camera Robot, 1x Self-Charging Dock,1x 16G SD Card, 1x Power Adapter, 1x Manual
  • Finest Gift Choice: It is a good choice to give it as a gift to family and friends, capture every wonderful moment of cat and dog and record their growth. Recorded videos and photos will be saved in the 16G SD card that comes with the camera. EBO APP supports video editing, you can add music, effects, filters and text to the video. Sharing the video to YouTube, Instagram and other platforms.


  • Compatibility & Worry-free Customer Service: The EBO APP is compatible with iOS & Android version 10.0 and 5.0 and above, Windows and MAC systems are not supported at present.