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Canopy Breeze Canopy Fan

Canopy Breeze Canopy Fan

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Canopy Breeze® Canopy Fan, portable, rechargeable ceiling fans for canopies, pergolas, gazebos and more!

Canopy Breeze canopy fan is the first rechargeable ceiling fan for portable canopies and more!  Perfect for tailgating, youth sports, camping, crafts fairs and more on warm days.

Ideal for use when wind is below 10 mph, the fan has four hooks that attach to the frame of most 10’ and 12’ canopies where roof joists are perpendicular at their apex (“X” shape). It also has a hoop at the top that allows one to suspend the fan from a single hook, making it compatible with pergolas, gazebos, workshops, etc.

The five fan blades attach in seconds and the remote controls both power and high/low speed settings. Its rechargeable battery provides up to six hours of operation, and the fan will run indefinitely with the included charger plugged into an outlet. Includes sturdy travel/storage case. 31" Diam. x 12" H. (8 1/4 lbs.)

  • Rechargeable—No outlet needed
  • Six hour run time
  • Installs in seconds without tools
  • Durable travel case included


Model CB-101

  • Diameter (no blades):  8"
  • Diameter (blades in):  30.25"
  • Height (hooks down):  8"
  • Height (hooks up):  13"
  • Weight:  Fan w blades:  3 lb, 15 oz; Entire kit: 7 lb, 9 oz
  • Motor:  20 watt DC
  • Battery:  12v Li-Ion
  • Fan run time (high speed):  6 hrs
  • Fan Speed (high) 250 RPM
  • Recharge time:  Approx 3 hrs from 25% battery life
  • Warranty:  One year